Loggers Board Criteria


         Loggers Division Surfboard Criteria:

9' plus

Single Fin Only with no provision for any other configuration.

No legrope  " optional to each event organiser".

Minimum weight 6 kgs. we will have some scales on the beach.

No Hard Rails / round 50/50 rails Nose to Tail.

No Resin Edge from Rail down to the Tail.


Hi folks, all the above contacts are involved in running a Loggers Division at your contests in 2012.

To date there are 10 contest's this year that we know of that are running Logger Division's with The Malfunction & the Curly Mal Jam featuring Logging as a Premier Division.


Many thanks to Chris Brown " Brown Dogg Surfboards", Sage Joske " Valla Surfboards" & Thomas Bexon " Thomas Surfboards" who are leading craftsmen in the shaping field for formulating this Logger Criteria.


We have worked on the new judging criteria for 2012 & a basic overview encompassing Technical Nose Riding etc. will be available after March & passed onto all Contest Organiser's & Head Judges. 


Old Mal Australia is proud to be involved in the reclaiming of TRADITIONAL LONGBOARDING.


For any further information e mail or call 0414876874.


Keep Your Old Girls Wet...................






                                   Traditional Judging Criteria including Loggers

                                                Old Mal Australia Judging Criteria

          Old Mal / Timber:

Traditional style, grace & flow linking traditional manoeuvres into continual motion.

Drop knee & reverse drop knee turns, nose riding, tube riding, re entries delayed floaters.

Old Mal is judged on the Grace & style of the rider completing a repertoire of functional manoeuvres within the pocket of the wave.


Log riding is judged on a Traditional Criteria with continual motion, style & grace in the critical section of the wave.

We are looking for flowing, controlled turns.... nose riding & stylish gracefull manoeuvres.

High scoring potential is placed on Technical Noseriding “ only when executed in a clean flowing motion” & linking your next manoeuvre into your repertoire.

We are judging on Traditional Surfing “ Not Radical Harsh Manouvres”.

          Early 70’s Single fins, Transitional / Trackers.

                        “Judged on Morning of the Earth Style Surfing”.

Judges are looking for Flow, Power, Continual Motion within the pocket of the wave exhibiting control, style & the ability to perform & complete manoeuvres cleanly.

Radical, Erratic manoeuvres, pumping etc will not be taken into consideration.

                All surfers are to judge 2 heats prior to their event.

                       Enjoy the step back in an era of surfing.

Quote “ they were the best years of our lives” the 1960’s crew!!!!!!! 

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